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The world is a canvas for your imagination

Alex Gives A Helping Hand

Alex helped raise a few thousand pound for the Theatre Royal in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We will be updating our Media page with the video overview of the event.


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Tips You Can Use to Achieve A Perfect Sketch

Posted on 27th April 2015 @ 11:22AM

The most talented artists usually didn’t get so good at what they do overnight. You probably have a hard time getting that sketch to look just right. Some advice may get you nowhere while some can help you. I’d like to think that these tips fall in the latter category. Drawing a lot What is […]

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The most famous art paintings in the world

Posted on 13th April 2015 @ 11:22AM

Some pieces of artwork have achieved worldwide fame because of events that occurred to them or the circumstances under which they were made. The most famous art paintings are discussed below. The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci This is the most popular painting in the world. Its craftsmanship was noted earlier on after its […]

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Modelling Shoots

Posted on 30th March 2015 @ 15:42PM
Scan 4

I thought I would show you a couple of modelling shoots that I did with my gadgie Peter and his wife Sylvia one afternoon in their back garden to highlight what you can take or take away from an image to make it a successful painting. The painting that eventually came out of this was […]

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