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Alex Gives A Helping Hand

Alex helped raise a few thousand pound for the Theatre Royal in Newcastle Upon Tyne. We will be updating our Media page with the video overview of the event.


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Alex Live and Supporting The Theatre Royal

Posted on 07th November 2013 @ 22:04PM
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Alex Millar is supporting the Theatre Royal by having a silent auctioning and donating a percentage of the proceeds to the Theatre. Click here for more information on the event.

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NEW Autumn Releases – Feed the Birds

Posted on 21st September 2013 @ 10:39AM
Feed The Birds by Alexander Millar

This painting was a sheer joy to work on as I have an old photo of me being held in my dads arms wanting to feed some birds while we were on holiday. The image was taken from an old black and white photograph of the Clyde and Forth canal around the Maryhill area of […]

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New Spring Releases: Clocking On Clocking Off

Posted on 16th September 2013 @ 08:07AM
Clocking on, Clocking Off by Alexander Millar

The first time I remember ever noticing the effect of light on a surface was when I was about 4 years old while walking hand in hand with my mother to go and visit one of my aunties in the village. It was deep into the winter for it was very cold and dark and […]

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